Branding and Marketing Consultant 

I’m Lorena

Focused on innovative and creative solutions for brands, tourism and inspiring projects for social development.
Inspired to work for and with people, I give solutions in

Integrated Marketing Communications

By providing an in-depth assessment on current situation and developing holistic strategies for Integrated Marketing Communications

Brand Identity

By developing memorable and effective brand concepts and design, coherent with brand owners’ values and feelings


Tourism Marketing Consultancy

Focused on a sustainable and people centred approach aiming at improving living conditions of communities

my Latest Work

Coffee Break with Researchers is a great initiative making scientific knowledge accessible to all. I designed the brand identity, develop all marketing communications and make the interviews. It’s been an awesome experience!

Some of the Great Projects I’ve worked on

Holy Land Tour Operators Association


I supported HLITOA and GIZ in the development of a branding and communications strategy for the Palestinian Development Programme

The Boathouse

A platform for local emerging performing artists or for local artists to display their work

Raquel Castell

Cranio-sacral and biodynamic treatments focusing on self-healing and bioregulation


Inspiring brands for inspiring people


I believe in people’s potential to develop authentic brands that inspire other people.

By understanding branding as a holistic process collectively created by humans, we can foster our inner potential and communicate it to others.

Let’s talk 
happy to help!

Either to work or to have a coffee.