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Hi! I’m Lorena

Coach and Consultant in Branding and Marketing

I partner with people who want to have a positive transformation in their lives, as entrepreneurs, big & small companies, governments, NGO’S, researchers, or anyone who wants to start a business a doesn’t know how. I help improve their brands, communication and marketing strategies. I believe that brands are co-created by people, and only people who follow their intuitive path to success can make them thrive.

Branding and marketing consulting in Vienna


What I do

Meaningful brands. Engaging Communication. Authentic Strategies.


Branding and Marketing Coaching

I work together side-by-side individuals who seek to improve their brand and communication processes. Through personalised advice and guidance, we will work on the specific requirements of your brand, following milestones and getting immediate results quickly.

Creative Workshops

Through interactive methodologies, I provide workshops on interesting areas for brand development.


Consultancy in Branding and Marketing

I provide consultancy service for donor-funded projects in the areas of branding, marketing and communication, particularly in the fields of tourism and cultural heritage.

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Make your Brand a priority. I certainly will.


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Why brands are important for enterpreneurs?

Brands are promises. Promises co-created by people. They can help persuasion and facilitate purchasing decisions as people trust brands when they perform well. For entrepreneurs, brands can make our job easier as they can have a “life” on their own and create an emotional bond with consumers. When built with passion and innovative ideas, brands are a great assets for any company. 

Integrated Marketing Communication

What are you going to communicate? To whom? Why? When and how? These are just simple strategic questions following any communication strategy regardless of the type of media.  From traditional flyers to digital marketing, any message should have a purpose behind for it to work. By integrating all messages in a single strategy aiming at specific objectives, we can build a integrated communication plan.

Entrepreneur moms

Being a mom is far from easy, everyone knows it. Being an entrepreneur in addition to that, sums up more variables to a complex equation. However, moms develop special skills that can make a difference when building a business. From new sensory and intuitive skills to great time management, we can create more opportunities for entrepreneurship. We just need a clear vision and a consistent path to follow. 

Inspiring brands for inspiring people.

Testimonials and Featured Clients

Lorena did an exceptional piece of branding work for our new business, the Boathouse Barking. She was quick to our understand our mission and values and created a brand look and feel that has really identified using our market place. Lorena is a highly creative designer with a real understanding of the multi- faceted needs of a dynamic brand. She is great to work with, and builds excellent rapport with clients. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for our branding work.’

Carole Pluckrose, Director The Boathouse, London

Cuando un profesional logra capturar tu ideas y concretarlas, es algo genial. Eso es lo que logró Lorena, un gran logo y website que nos está ayudando a posicionar muy bien nuestra marca

Zuleima Mora, Dueña Casa Mora, Vienna

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