A  passionate Colombian, at the heart of Vienna

My name is Lorena Gómez Díaz, which is why my personal brand is called Logoz. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, at 2.600 mts above the sea, at the high plateau of the Andes.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and thus sold my first paintings to my uncles and aunts when I was six years old. Entrepreneurship and the drive to turn passionate ideas into reality run in my veins, ever since I sold my first painting of an orange coffee mug with a mountain in the background.

As for lots of people in Colombia, higher education is very precious, and as a result, one must find authentic and creative ways to achieve greatness in business and academia. I consequently regard entrepreneurship as a tool to empower people and to discover their own potential. My own philosophy of work is based on the notion of loving what I do, being passionate to help and inspire others. I have always intuitively done that, managed to turn it into my profession and wouldn’t want to do anything else. I enjoy being involved in inspiring projects and ignite the creative potential of the people I work with.

When I was 18, I worked as copywriter and graphic designer in several advertising agencies, where I discovered my talent for strategic branding and communication. When I was 23, I joined Cafam, a social-development and non-profit organization. Working there was an amazing five-year’s experience. The best teamwork of friends, inspiring work ethic and the feeling of learning something new every day.

I have always had a passion for knowledge. I studied Advertising, have additionally earned certificates in Branding and Marketing, and also hold a Master’s degree in Applied Corporate Brand Management (Brunel University in London). In London I built the brand of the bath house Barking next to studying under the supervision some of the best academics in this very field. My PhD thesis at the University of Vienna is currently being reviewed. Besides that, I do yoga (who doesn’t these days…it’s good for you thou ;-), I am a certified beekeeper, I meditate, dance Salsa (I am Colombian at the end of the day), I am a hobby astronomer and I am about to join a barista course. In short, more than academic titles, I truly believe in pursuing knowledge and sharing it with groups. So, feel free to join me for a coffee. Particularly if you are a PhD candidate trying to get your thesis done and thinking about creating your own brand, I can support you with that and share the occasional frustration with statistics, endnotes or references. Click here for a free hour consultation.

Just the year after I came to Vienna, in 2015 I started working at ATC Consultants, a project management consultancy, focused on donor-funded projects in tourism social development. For a project I won for ATC I got to travel to the Middle East, and especially Jerusalem a lot, which was an amazing and life-change experience. It further led me to another research project our consortium won in Vienna with the Austrian Government’s KIRAS program. Thus, I enjoy working for donor-funded projects in communication and marketing development. For requests of EU format CV, please click here.

I had the fortune to work with awesome people and gained a great experience in branding for tourism and tourism social development. I’m certain of the importance of having a human centred perspective to what I do. By that I am not only talking about the brain and logic, but also about emotions and values. Great ideas, passion, potential and people are behind most businesses, donor-funded projects, every social-development activity, NGO or ambitious research project. That’s what matters and that’s what I am here to support you along the journey towards fruition.

Instead of providing just a consultancy service, I’m committed to an individual and personalized coaching, in which we work together, touching base regularly and checking in order to evaluate and monitor progress. I have designed different workshops based on a mindset of growth, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. The content will be shared online, so click here to sign up. Don’t worry, there are neither strings attached nor will you be spammed.

To sum up, I connect great ideas with great people in several ways. First, with entrepreneurs and soon to be entrepreneurs themselves as I believe everyone has great ideas, they just must unravel their own potential. Second, with the right audiences as great ideas might be lost if they don’t target the right people. And third, I will share my own ideas and experiences in branding and marketing with everyone and transfer academic knowledge into easily applicable strategies, workshops, coaching and consultations.

I consider myself a creative, intuitive, and curious soul, so every time I need it, my heart shines and tells me what I should do. It usually works and I’m happy to share my ideas with you.



What I believe in:

Love the life you live,

live the life you love.


People come first.

Great ideas are born and grow only in people’s minds. Particularly, when people are happy. This is why, I like to work with people and try to make them happy. 


Working with the heart.

For me, attention to detail and being mindful is important, but not enough. Working with the heart, following an intuitive voice that has always guide me, is a core value. Toto Cum Corde.


Getting the job done.

For me this means, finding ways to be effective with work while enjoying it and having a compassionate balance with ourselves.


Branding and marketing coaching

Creative workshops and events  

Marketing consultancy 


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