The Boathouse is a community interest company located in Barking, East-London. It is self-funded through projects, studio rentals and events, and relies hugely on the passion and commitment of its fine team of volunteers.

It has become a new arts centre on the ‘East Bank” as a little jewel at the heart of Barking, made possible by the vision and commitment of its team led by Carole Pluckrose and her team.

The Boathouse inspires fun, curiosity, great arts experiences, community participation and ownership and active support for local emerging artists. The

Boathouse Studios and Gallery offer a space in which to make things happen, which is why I was fascinated to be able to work for them.

The marvelous shape of the building was the inspiration for the logo symbol, which has become a very important aspect of the soul of the brand, which makes me deeply happy.