Entrepreneurship Support 

Entrepreneurship is key to economic growth and self-empowerment in a society. As entrepreneur myself, I believe that everyone can make a passion something useful for others whilst creating mutual economic opportunities. I like to support small and medium enterprises in improving their business, branding or marketing strategies by offering a customized and tailored approach.

Everyone is different and so is every brand, there is no magic recipe for success but I believe in hard work spiced up by passion and fun!

I have worked on several projects supporting entrepreneurs, here some of examples:

Here some examples:

Entrepreneurship Support Projects


Roca was one of my first projects in Colombia, which gave me a very deep insight of branding as a strategic passion. Roca is a company dedicated to exploration of soils and rocks based on latest academic research in geology. Ricardo Rivera, a passionate Colombian geologist, challenged me with this project with which he wanted to show one of the most interest shapes of rocks.

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Arka Group

Arka Group is a family company based in Bogotá who truly represents the idea of making things happen. A whole team of talented and smart family members came up with the idea of a holding group responsible for providing smart solutions for different management services.

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