Tourism Destinations

Destination branding is a fundamental tool for international tourism marketing. National, regional and local tourism destinations require special approaches of branding and marketing fostering their positioning in the global market.

Considering local values, traditions and cultural heritage is a key factor for identifying authentic aspects representing a tourism destination. Moreover, these are important guidelines to implement any strategy with respect, local acceptance and community engagement. As tourism marketing consultant at ATC Consultants I provide consultancy services for:

Destination branding: support in creating memorable and effective destination brands by assessing unique selling points of tourism destination at any level (national, regional, local) and developing a participatory approach to engage with local communities.

Marketing communication: conceptualization, strategy development and implementation of holistic marketing communication strategies for tourism destinations.

Internal communication and workshops: development and implementation of customized workshops for teams responsible of tourism marketing strategies.

Here some examples of projects of tourism destination in which I have worked: 

Tourism Destination Projects

Hola Land Tour Operators

HLITOA is a network of experienced Palestinian professionals in tourism, promoting authentic experiences in the whole region of the Holy Land in order to support economic growth for Palestinian people, to create strategies for sustainable tourism and to develop the sector.

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Holy Land Explore More

When someone thinks of the Holy Land, mainly religious thoughts come into mind, that is why one of the main sources of tourism are pilgrimages and religious purposes tours. However, this is not all that the Holy Land offers. This is a truly marvelous place with stunning landscapes and sites, that allows for experiencing much more, not only religious experiences.

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Palestine, Imagine More

Palestine is a magic region with fascinating stories to tell. As cradle of human civilization and witness of the most interesting aspects of social behavior, this incredible place has a tremendous tourism potential, which I was lucky to experience myself.

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