Arka Group, Soluciones en Acción

Arka Group is a family company based in Bogotá who truly represents the idea of making things happen. A whole team of talented and smart family members came up with the idea of a holding group responsible for providing smart solutions for different management services.

 With persistence and dedication they managed to create a unifying brand representing them all. This was one of my first projects in which we could develop a whole brand strategy from the very beginning of the generation of the brand idea to the actual development of the business strategy. Seeing the whole process coming to a satisfactory outcome was not only rewarding for me, but also convinced me that I really liked to create brands that inspire people. I have never stopped believing this; I don’t think I ever will.

 The Arka Group logosymbol represents diversity, unity and action, it comes together with the slogan “solutions in action”, which also represented what the company and the brand used to stand for.