HLITOA is a network of experienced Palestinian professionals in tourism, promoting authentic experiences in the whole region of the Holy Land in order to support economic growth for Palestinian people, to create strategies for sustainable tourism and to develop the sector.

I had the privilege of supporting HLITOA in the development of its elements of corporate identity. Pal, the logosymbol, is a Palestinian sunbird, whose colours represent diversity beyond limits. Her colours (it’s female) come from the original bird as well as Palestinian Wild Flowers.

The abstract design represents dynamism, openness and plurality.

This project was a result of coordinated efforts of the whole team working together to develop branding and marketing tools supporting HLITOA’s activities. Much of the branding and marketing work started from scratch leading among others to a new logo, design and strategic approach.

As part of the project different key market segments and visitor profiles were developed HLITOA’s brand identity and digital presence was improved and different PR activities were developed. Everything was done through a deep connection with the local community in an unforgettable project that gave me tons of happiness and expectations for keeping the work in the region in the future.