Entrepreneur moms

I’ve been working with entrepreneur moms for the last year. This has been an incredibly fascinating experience, not only because I’ve found support in several ways being an entrepreneur mom myself, but also because I’ve discovered new facets on this journey that have inspired me in different ways.


Being an entrepreneur mom changes your mindset about how you see the world. This starts of course when you start being a mom because everything in your life changes, your priorities, lifestyle, schedule, and so on. In addition to this, when you decide to start your own business, something in the way you see the world changes too. This is because, we start seeing the world with more opportunities than before. Our incredible bodies have created life teaching us how amazingly strong and capable we are. We are now able to manage our time in unprecedented ways and find solutions to everyday-life problems in an easy manner. Our tolerance levels increase as well as our capabilities to feel empathy. This is something very important, in my opinion.


The physical and psychological changes in our bodies give us more opportunities to foster our own capabilities for entrepreneurship. We just need to focus. As moms, we do incredibly difficult things now that we did not do before being moms. We all agreed with that, at least in my workshops. Then, our main problem is to focus our energy on something productive that we can give to the world. And this is the new challenge. How to start fostering our own potential as unique human beings to create something new that can help someone else.


I honestly think that we all have great ideas to make the world a better place and we just need to unravel this potential inside us. I have always felt this way working with so many people throughout my professional experience. Now I feel that more than ever. However, I also know that for some moms is not always so easy to start up a business. We can help with that! This is a message for encouragement and inspiration if you are a mom with the wish to create, build or improve your business.