Building Brands with Character, an eBook 


Brands with Character has been a phrase that I have been using for years. I got to explain it finally in this short but precise e-Book. I believe brands are entities that are co-created by people, for people and only with people. 

 In a world amazed by the wonders of AI, having a reminder of what we create as human being is very important, I think. Using the incredible capacities of these tools is amazing, it gives us the opportunity to unlock our potential as powerhouses of ideas. However, they are just that, tools. We, humans, are the real factors of creation. The actual creating power behind good ideas. This book celebrates that. 

I have developed a framework to build brands in a simple but powerful way based on three pillars: simplicity, relevance and character. Simplicity has to do with logo design, the beauty of symbolism, typography, conceptual elegance and meaningful design. Relevance has to do with the unique value and how we engage with our clients, our heroes,  our audience. Character is about our uniqueness of our brands as a projection of what we are as brand owners. Finally I dedicate some words to the idea of co-creation, when we build a brand, we promise something to someone, and only if that person keeps believing what we do over time, we will gain the trust that our brand needs to keep growing. 

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