Selected works


Coffee Break with Researchers

The innovative concept of a coffee break is represented with a coffee cup that can also be seen as a smart device, through which an online chat can happen while enjoying a coffee in two different parts of the world.

I am deeply committed to this project because I truly believe that academic research needs to be known by all peoples worldwide. In addition, I consider the areas of innovation and regional development to be of particular importance for our society. Thus, it is a very exciting project that hope will grow soon.


Holy Land Tour Operators Association

HLITOA is a network of experienced Palestinian professionals in tourism, promoting authentic experiences in the whole region of the Holy Land in order to support economic growth for Palestinian people, to create strategies for sustainable tourism and to develop the sector.

Pal, the logosymbol, is a Palestinian sunbird, whose colours represent diversity beyond limits. Her colours (it’s female) come from the original bird as well as Palestinian Wild Flowers.

The abstract design represents dynamism, openness and plurality.


The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a community interest company located in Barking, East-London. It is self-funded through projects, studio rentals and events, and relies hugely on the passion and commitment of its fine team of volunteers.

The Boathouse inspires fun, curiosity, great arts experiences, community participation and ownership and active support for local emerging artists. The Boathouse Studios and Gallery offer a space in which to make things happen, which is why I was fascinated to be able to work for them.

The nice shape of the building was the inspiration for the logo symbol, which has become a very important aspect of the soul of the brand, which makes me deeply happy.


Pedro Duque

Pedro’s brand was a great endeavor combining deep admiration for his work as well as a big challenge in defining a symbol representing this type of therapy in a personal manner.  The service involves a holistic manual therapy aiming at improving health across all body systems by strengthening the internal balance. It is also a treatment for positively affecting the body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, which turns into effective healing of specific bodily pain.

As a result, we developed a brand reflecting a dynamic approach aiming at generating a healthy lifestyle for each patient to improve her/his quality of life. It is a human-based approach in which each body is different, so it is each treatment and therapy. We had to represent that in a very meaningful way.


Raquel Castell

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic non-invasive, hands-on therapy aiming at enhance the body’s own healing capabilities. It positively affects the body’s nervous systems and it has been used to treat a variety of conditions, both physical and psychological.

I had a very positive experience, not only developing this special brand, but also having had the chance to get access to the therapy myself, which I highly recommend.



Anny Gummi

Anny Gummi is a lovely initiative full of passion for handcraft and creativity. Through beautiful and ingenious knitting, different figures and accessories are made. Everything is crafted with curiosity for innovation in techniques with wool and different materials.

This logotype symbolizes work with love, care and dedication that inspires people. Just the type of project I like to work for.



Riverside has been a deeply engaging and admirable project based in London. Their aim is to provide social care for people in need through community engagement, social work and personalized consultancy.

 As social project, it was important for me to support it. Its logo represent the emotional engagement of the whole team providing the services as well as the welcoming attitude to anyone who is in need of them.

I deeply enjoyed working for this project, not only because of the interesting symbol that I could create, but also for having the change of contributing to such a wonderful organization.


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