A  passionate Colombian, at the heart of Vienna

My name is Lorena Gómez Díaz, which is why my personal brand is called Logoz. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, at 2.600 mts above the sea, at the high plateau of the Andes.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and even sold my first paintings to my uncles and aunts when I was six years old. Entrepreneurship and the drive to turn passionate ideas into reality run in my veins, I also love flexibility and freedom.

I see entrepreneurship as a tool to empower people and to discover their own potential. My own philosophy of work is loving what I do, and doing what I love, very simple, very effective. 

I have worked as copywriter and graphic designer in advertising agencies. I was advertising manager for a social-development and non-profit organization for five years, which gave me an integrative set of tools in marketing, communication and public relations. 

I studied my BA in Advertising, hold several certificates in Branding and Marketing from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia.  I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Corporate Brand Management from Brunel University in London. My PhD in Management is from the University of Vienna. 

I have also experience in tourism social development and enjoy working for donor-funded projects in communication and marketing development. 

I consider myself a creative, intuitive, and curious soul, so every time I need it, my heart shines and tells me what I should do.  I like to support entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders to make a difference and find their own inspiration to change the world. 

What I believe in:

Love the life you live,

live the life you love.


People come first.

Great ideas are born and grow only in people’s minds. Particularly, when people are happy. This is why, I like to work with people and try to make them happy. 


Working with the heart.

For me, attention to detail and being mindful is important, but not enough. Working with the heart, following an intuitive voice that has always guide me, is a core value. Toto Cum Corde.


Getting the job done.

For me this means, finding ways to be effective with work while enjoying it and having a compassionate balance with ourselves.


Branding and marketing coaching

Creative workshops and events  

Marketing consultancy 


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