My Services 

A broad skillset in branding and marketing 

I have developed a methodology based on 20 years of experience in branding, marketing and communications. I will guide you on the way to achieve results for your team and your organisation so you can TRULY CONNECT WITH PEOPLE in a meaningful way.


A brand is much more than a logo

Building a brand requires clarity, purpose and a meaning for someone. It is the result of a co-creation with people, in this way a brand can build a character on its own.

I work at every level of construction of a brand. At its very first beginning starting with logo design and strategic vision, or in the middle when it has not found its right character and needs adjustment.

I develop workshops for individuals or organisations aiming to improve their brand. I customise my approach as every brand is and should be different. I like to listen, analyse and propose a strategy to work side-by-side with teams or brand owners.

What you get: 

Visual Identity Elements (Logo design and visual identity elements manual)

Strategic branding vision for three years with a plan to execute

Brand communications manual for management and internal communications for employees and onboarding. 


Sell your ideas better

I like to use a Human-Centred Marketing. This means that individuals, their needs and desires are the ones that make your  communication more relevant and smoother.

Using different and powerful techniques I develop workshops for groups and coaching for individuals in order to empower them and their marketing.

Understanding marketing as a process to help someone else improve their life with a specific product of service, we develop an authentic narrative that fosters marketing everywhere. 

Marketing is about persuading someone to do something specific. If they are inspired and the message is about what they really care about, they would most likely be persuaded.

What you get: 

Ideal client identification

Refining brand promise

Positioning revised and enhanced 

Tailored made marketing plan 

Marketing communications guideline for groups of interest of the organisation  


Corporate Services Brochure


I like to support organisations and teams, who believe in their own potential to change for the better and make a positive impact in the world as a result.

Download here my brochure with corporate services on PDF

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