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Hi! I’m Lorena Gómez Díaz, PhD.

Coach and Consultant in Branding and Marketing

I work together side-by-side individuals who seek to build a brand with character or improve their marketing and communication processes. Through personalised advice and guidance, we will work together on the needs of your brand, getting clarity and unveiling its unique character.


Branding and marketing consulting in Vienna


Why should you build a Brand with Character?

Brands with Character help to to get clarity, attract new clients and engage employees.

  • A Brand with a unique character can connect and persuade people easier.

  • A clear Brand Strategy gives clarity, meaning and achievable goals to external and internal marketing. It gives marketing more power.

  • A powerful brand strategy facilitates sales and purchasing decisions, increases employee engagement and customer loyalty.

  • No matter the size of your company, having a unique Brand with Character will always help your business  grow.

What I do

Powerful Brand Strategies & Meaningful Marketing


Branding and Marketing Coaching

I work together side-by-side with companies and individuals who seek to build the character of their brand or improve their marketing and communication. Through personalised advice and guidance, we will work on the specific requirements of your brand, following milestones and getting immediate results quickly.



Branding and Marketing Workshops

Through interactive methodologies, I provide workshops on how to build a brand with character. I have developed a methodology based on 20 years experience in branding, marketing and communications.

Topics: Story brand workshop, Marketing with meaning workshop, Integrate Marketing Communication, Emotional Intelligence,  Creativity and Innovation for branding


Consultancy in Branding and Marketing

I provide consultancy service for companies and projects in the areas of branding, marketing and communication, particularly the ones supporting small and medium businessess and entrepreneurs.

Struggling with something?

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Years experience

Active Clients


Cups of Coffee


Lorena has been passionate for Coffee Break with Researchers, giving meaning and personality to the brand. She has great ideas and the energy to implement them in high quality. Lorena has a broad skillset in marketing, and a great network to draw on for complementary specialist skills. She is great to work with, friendly, collegial, and professional.

Dr. Markus Grillitsch, Director of CIRCLE – Center for Innovation Research, Lund University, Sweden.

Working with Lorena on my brand's rebranding project has been a wonderful experience. She brings a positive energy and good vibes that are contagious, and her focus on mindfulness has been a true blessing. She is a natural motivator who has helped me learn and grow in my project, and she has always been available to offer her help and guidance. I cannot recommend Lorena enough for anyone looking for a top-level marketing professional. She is a true gem in her field and I recommend her services to anyone looking for exceptional results.

Maria Antonieta Guillaumet, Two Blue Brushes

Lorena did an exceptional piece of branding work for our new business, the Boathouse Barking. She was quick to our understand our mission and values and created a brand look and feel that has really identified using our market place. Lorena is a highly creative designer with a real understanding of the multi- faceted needs of a dynamic brand. She is great to work with, and builds excellent rapport with clients. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for our branding work.’

Carole Pluckrose, Director The Boathouse, London

When a professional manages to capture your ideas and make them concrete, it's a great thing. That is what Lorena achieved, a great logo and website that are helping us to position our brand very well. We love our logo and our brand. It truly represents what we are.

Zuleima Mora, Owner Casa Mora Restaurant, Vienna

Make your Brand a priority. I certainly will.


Different Projects. The same purpose. 

Working for inspiring people

Are you a Spanish-speaking entrepreneur in Austria?

Emprende Austria supports you in all stages of business creation. By providing resources, information, workshops and networking we have created the first network supporting entrepreneurs in Austria. Get in touch!

Are you a researcher wanting to make your research visible?

Coffee Break with Researchers makes scientific knowlegdge accessible to all. We chat about your research over a cup of coffee and share the video with the world. I support you with finding the best way to communicate and express yourself with a large audience. 

Are you a global leader wanting to make a positive impact on the world?

The Global School for Social Leaders provides you with a community of global leaders connected in Vienna, Austria. We offer education in the areas of sustainability, innovation and leadership, having the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, as a main guideline.  


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