What is Integrated Marketing Communication?

An integrative approach to marketing and communications 

When we think of marketing, we usually think of finding effective ways to promote a business. However, with the rise of social media and the incredible amount of communication platforms out there, sometimes, it feels that communicating your business is the same as doing marketing for your business. And this is just not the same.

 Although perhaps everything communicates, not everything persuades, and this is a clear distinction. When we think of persuasion, we think of an ability to convince a person to think in a certain way or do a certain thing. In this way, we need to know what his person needs or wants, we need to offer it, and we need to communicate that we offer it. This is thinking in an integrated marketing communications perspective. Having in mind what our customer wants or needs and communicating it properly on an adequate platform.

 It is not about you, it is about your client

Integrated marketing communications include social media, but also traditional marketing, letters, presents or even talks on the street about your brand with someone relevant. It is simply a mindset of having your customers’ need in mind, solve the problem with interesting products and communicating them when makes sense. It could be Instagram, but it could also be ten other different ways.


This is an invitation to open your mind for new, innovative and alternative ways to promote your business, thinking of your customers, his or her needs and having a clear vision.


Clear goal in mind, based on an identified need or desire. Why would someone buy or use it? Relevance of the promise. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT IS USUALLY IGNORED!!!


Recommendation: to solve this point, the most desirable thing is to imagine our ideal client and always keep it in mind. All time.


It was a nice reflection though, making me feel really comfortable with writing about marketing in a less academic way.

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