Why are logos important for entrepreneurs?

Logos are crucial for your business, believe me.

This question came about when I recently heard a person saying that logos are not that important in comparison to marketing for a business. I got a bunch of mixed feelings as I was really surprised for such as statement, negatively surprised to be honest. However, this question kept me thinking for quite some time giving me a lot of food for thought, which now I’m happily sharing.

 3 reasons

I think there are several reasons why having a good logo is important, not only for entrepreneurs, but for all companies. First, it makes the whole process of your business easier to understand for consumers.

Second, logos can be seen as the brand’s face and brands can make a life on their own building trust with people, which is very powerful.

Third, good brands can make marketing easier for owners when they provide a clear vision and pathway to go.


I personally don’t see a problem per se when an entrepreneur decides to do a logo on his/her own on a logo-making platform. I see a problem when the reason is to underestimate the work of a professional graphic designer. Professional graphic designers study for several years to develop a sense of intuition for a logo to work. When a non-professional person makes a good logo, he or she might have worked the idea for quite some time, polishing it in his/her mind and finding an adequate way to communicate that great idea. However, this is not always the case. We might have plenty of ideas that require clarity to be concrete and usually a good graphic designer knows her/his around to visualize an idea and make a good logo concrete.

 A co-created promise

A brand is a promise, a co-created promised made by people to people. A good logo is a having welcoming face for your brand. If your logo is unclear and doesn’t communicate what your brand vision is, it is like not having a face at all, so it is weird and doesn’t feel right. This is then an invitation to invest time and energy on a good logo with a professional who knows what he or she is doing. I’m not saying doing it with me necessarily, but with someone who earns your trust. You need to feel identified and happy with it!

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